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Help Prevent Identity Theft

Here are a few things that you can do to protect yourself from identity theft.

  • Never provide personal information or passwords over the phone or e-mail, unless you initiate the request.

  • Review account statements regularly to be sure that they are accurate.

  • Obtain your free annual credit report from one of the 3 main credit reporting agencies and verify your credit history. This can be done by calling 1-(877)-322-8228 or by visiting the official website at

  • Store your personal information in a safe place. Tear up or shred old credit card and ATM receipts, old account statements and unused credit card offers before you discard them.

  • Protect your PIN numbers and other passwords. Avoid using infromation that can be easily obtained. (Such as your mothers maiden name, your birth date, the last four digits of your SSN or your phone number) Don't leave your receipts behind, or throw them in trash where thieves can easily retrieve them.

  • Guard your mail against theft. Remove incoming mail promptly, and deposit all outgoing mail at post office collection boxes. Don't leave outgoing mail in your mailbox. Contact the post office to stop mail delivery to your home if you go on vacation.

  • Take immediate action if you believe that any of your sensitive personal information may have been stolen.

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